Artist Profile: Matt Cannon

Where are you from?

Orange County , California

Where do you currently live and work as a tattooer?

I live in Orange County, Ca and I work in Anaheim at Torch Tattoo.

What is it that you love the most about being a tattooer?

Being able to do something I love as a living, working with people I am inspired by, and being lucky enough to travel and see places I would of never thought was possible.

How would you describe your own style of tattooing?

American traditional, but still being a young learning tattooer, I still feel like I am influenced everyday by a lot of different styles and people

Why did you choose to be a part of SAITCON?

My good friends at Star Crossed Tattoo in Hong Kong are from South Africa and when the opportunity came up about going and working with them in SA, I had to do it! They are who I’ll be working with as always!

What kind of tattoos can people expect to see from you at SAITC2018?

I always have flash and drawings available with me, so hopefully anything from those books!

What would you LOVE to tattoo at SAITC2018?

The classics, girls, roses, daggers, skulls! I’d just be stoked to do some fun tattoos on anyone that wants to get something from me

If you are an international guest, what do you look forward to about visiting, Cape Town South Africa? // If you are local in South Africa what do you love about our host town!? Cape Town?

I had such a blast last time doing the shark diving and safari, going to table mountain and exploring the waterfront. I’m just stoked to be a part of this convention again, there are no bad days in Cape Town!

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