Artist Profile: Rich Phipson

Where are you from?

Durban, South Africa.

Where do you currently live and work as a tattooer?

Hong Kong at Star Crossed Tattoo.

What is it that you love the most about being a tattooer?

Getting to work with great people everyday and meet others from around the world.

How would you describe your own style of tattooing?

Symbols and Icons.

Why did you choose to be a part of SAITCON?

Last years convention was a blast, and real excited to be in the new venue surrounded by some of the worlds best.

What kind of tattoos can people expect to see from you at SAITC2018?

Will be doing some big some small some black and some colourful.

What would you LOVE to tattoo at SAITC2018?

I’d love to tattoo some easy going, good people.

If you are an international guest, what do you look forward to about visiting, Cape Town South Africa? // If you are local in South Africa what do you love about our host town!? Cape Town?

Having travelled to dozens of amazing cities all over the world, Cape Town definitely has a beauty that shines all its own.

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