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Yes, you can get tattooed at The South African Tattoo Convention. It is advised
that you contact the artist directly if you are interested. Start discussing the
process and to book your session with them directly, before the commencement of the convention. Head over to our Artists Page to find your tattooer’s contact

The cost of your tattoo will vary depending on size and design. Your tattoo artist
will give you a quote for your tattoo and their rates are non-negotiable.

It is advised to grab a good breakfast, shower before you arrive and ensure you
have appropriate clothing on for the area that you will be getting tattooed. Ensure
that you bring enough cash for your tattoo and to possibly get some merchandise
and tip your tattoo artist as common generosity.

The South African International Tattoo Convention is a great place to bring the
family and to educate your kids on good tattooing practices, however children
under the age of five years old are not allowed in the venue, due to health risks.

There will be sufficient parking bays available in a double volume parkade directly opposite the THE LOOKOUT at a cost.
All the available parking bays will accommodate all our driving guests.

The SAITC will be offering a great variety of food & beverages for the 2019
event. We will have a Beer garden and Deck Bar with ocean views.

Yes, there will be wifi.


Apart from your travel and living expenses, there are no additional charges for
having a standard booth at The South African Tattoo Convention. You can request more booth furniture at a possible extra cost. There will also be an Artist Supply Shop on the premises where you can purchase needles, inks and other tattoo related paraphernalia.

You will receive an artist supply pack containing basic set-up items together with
your access card. You can request more supplies from your area Floor Manager.